Frequently Ask Questions

Loan Application Documentation

What are the minimum documents required for loan approval?
  • Selfie
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card (Address Proof)
What other documents may be required basis my profile?
To complete Digital KYC, only your Aadhaar Card & PAN Card are required.
Is Income Proof like a Bank Statement necessary for availing loan?
Income Proof is not required for all customers. Only for some high value loans, depending on customer’s credit profile, he/she may be asked to submit Income Proof by linking his bank account or via PDF Bank statement so that the bank statement can be fetched & verified online.
Is there a requirement of security/guarantor?
No, we do not require any security or guarantor for approving your loan. Once we verify your basic information & complete your digital KYC, your loan will be approved by the system, based on profile eligibility.
If I do not possess a PAN Card and have never applied for it, can I still avail loan from Ring?
Unfortunately, we need to validate your PAN Card number to process the application further. You are required to hold a valid PAN card number in order to complete our loan application process. Customers can now get instant e-pan linked to Aadhaar via NSDL or UTIITSL.
I do not have my original PAN Card but a photocopy of the same, am I still eligible for the loan application process?
No worries. To process digital KYC, typically, providing only the PAN Number (Permanent Account Number) may be sufficient.
If I do not possess Aadhaar Card and have never applied for the same, can I still avail loan from Ring?
Unfortunately, we need to validate your Aadhaar Card number to process the application further. You are required to hold a valid Aadhaar card number in order to complete our loan application process.
I do not have my original Aadhaar Card but a photocopy of the same, am I still eligible for the loan application process?
No worries, to process digital KYC using Digilocker, typically, providing only the Aadhaar Card Number and possessing your Aadhaar linked mobile number may be sufficient.
Once I take a loan from Ring, do I need to re-submit my documents when I wish to re-apply for a loan the second time?
No, you do need to submit any documents again while re-applying for every new loan.Having said that, as per applicable laws, we will periodically re-conduct KYC verification for your account and you will be intimated about the same over the Ring App.
If I am asked for Income Proof, which bank statement should I upload since I have multiple bank accounts?
For higher loan amounts, online income verification may be required in some cases. You can submit bank statement of any of your active bank account that has highest balance & maximum transactions.
Do I need to submit Bank Statement in PDF format or Hard Copy?

We do not require you to submit Bank Statement in PDF copy or Hard Copies. We enable secure linking of your bank account to the Ring App for instant access to the last 6 months' bank statements. This is a One-time access with no disclosure of other banking data and is secured by authorized Bank Account Aggregator https://sahamati.org.in/, that is recognized by many banks in India.

Processing Fee & Interest

What does processing fee mean?

Processing fee is the fee charged for verification of your basic information and documents and getting the same approved by our credit team. The company incurs a cost for this entire process which is why a small processing fee is charged to customers.

We incur a cost every time your profile is re-evaluated for a new loan or credit limit increase. This may include re-checking your Credit score, reviewing your profile and other operational efforts, hence a part of it is being charged to continue providing you the maximum benefit of the services.

Is the processing fee same for all types of products?
We charge processing fee of up to 6% of the loan amount depending upon the tenure of the loan (plus applicable taxes). The processing fee differs based on the product category, customer credit profile, loan amount, and the tenure of loan selected by you. The processing fee applicable for your loan will be visible to you at the time of application itself.
There are many loan companies and everyone has a different processing fee. What is the reason for this difference?
Every company has a different cost attached to servicing customers based on the underwriting process they follow and the economies of scale available to them. As a result, every company has a different processing fee.
What is the rate of interest charged?

We offer loans to our customers at a fixed interest rate. The rate of interest applicable to the customer depends on several factors, including their credit profile, repayment history, loan tenure, loan amount, etc. The products offered by us and the interest rates charged on different products are as follows:

  • Loans with a tenure of 6 months or more – Up to 36%
  • Loans with a tenure of less than 6 months – Up to 45%

Monthly Instalments/EMI's

What is an EMI?
EMI refers to Equated Monthly Instalment. It simply refers to a fixed amount paid by you (borrower) to the lender at a specific date every month. EMI enables you to pay a portion of your total outstanding loan principal and interest every month so that by end of the loan tenure your loan is fully repaid.
How can I make my EMI payments?

We provide our customers with various options to pay their EMI's like:

  • Inside Application:

    • UPI Apps : Payment via various UPI apps like Phonepe, Gpay, Paytm, Cred, Amazonpay etc
    • Debit Card : Payment via Debit Cards issued by your bank
    • NetBanking : Payment via Netbanking platform or application issued by your bank
  • Outside Application

    • E-NACH - We set up an Auto Debit Instruction from your Savings Account so that the instalments are automatically deducted every month. This is only done for long term loans and wherever available.
    • UPI-Autopay - We set up an Auto Debit Instruction from your Account linked to UPI so that the instalments are automatically deducted every month. This is only done for long term loans and wherever available.
    • UPI Collect – A UPI collect request is shared on your registered UPI handle which needs to be accepted for the payment.
    • NEFT/IMPS via Virtual Bank Details - Transfer the EMI amount using NEFT/IMPS to your loan account’s unique & dedicated Virtual Account Number and the payment will get automatically updated in our account.
    • UPI via Virtual VPA ID - Transfer the EMI amount using UPI to your loan account’s unique & dedicated Virtual VPA ID and the payment will get automatically updated in our account.
    • BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) – Loan repayment options are available under Bill Payment section in third party payment apps like GPay/Paytm/PhonePe etc, and search for “KISSHT or RING” (based on the App from where you have availed the loan) and enter your registered mobile number and DOB to proceed with EMI payment.
    • Web Payment: Open https://paywithring.com/ and click on “Pay Now” button available on the Home Page of the website, enter your registered mobile number to proceed with EMI payment.
Can Partial Payments be made?

We always suggest that you pay your full EMI amount on or before the due date and do not delay the payment. However, if you wish to make partial payments, we kindly request that you select the "Pay Custom Amount" option on the payment page. To do so, just click on "Pay Custom Amount" >> enter the amount you want to pay >> then click on the Pay button.

Please note that using the "Pay Custom Amount" option is not a special repayment offer, and your repayment schedule does not change by using it. We are just helping you make partial payments. Therefore, your credit report will always show the loan as a late payment if the EMI is not fully paid by the due date, and your repayment behaviour will be recorded accordingly. Kindly note that a late payment record has an adverse effect on your credit score.

What will be my EMI amount?
The EMI amount is calculated by the system and displayed instantly at the time of loan application itself. The EMI amount depends on the loan amount, interest rate as well as the repayment tenure availed by you. To know more about your EMI amount, kindly click on the “LOANS” section in the RING App and select your loan account to view the details.
How will I be intimated about upcoming EMI payments?
You will be receiving automated email & SMS before your EMI date on your registered email id & mobile number. Being said that, due to technical or network issues, if any EMI reminder is not delivered to you, then you need to ensure that you still repay your EMI on time, as the EMI schedule and details are already shared with you at the time of loan approval by way or Sanction Letter & Agreement. Non-receipt of EMI reminders cannot be cited as a reason for late payment/non-payment of EMI’s.
Will late payment of my monthly instalments/EMI invite any penalty or charges?
Well, a late repayment always invites a late penalty charge along with it. The charge however, will depend on your outstanding amount and also the number of days by which the payment is delayed.
What happens if I don't pay my monthly instalment/EMI?
Like any other legal agreement, all loans are legally binding and governed under the RBI regulations wherein not paying your monthly instalment/EMI is a criminal offence in the Indian Court of Law. In addition to this, your Credit score/CIBIL score will also take a hit due to non-payment of dues, and can result in you not being eligible for any new loans in future from any banks/financial institutions.
What happens if I am registered for auto-debit and my savings account doesn't have the minimum balance at the time of due date?
The required amount of balance must always be maintained at the time of due date for clearing the monthly auto-debit payment, if you have registered for auto-debit. Insufficient balance would lead to payment bounce which is a criminal offence in the Indian court of law. It shall also attract a ECS bounce penalty on your loan account and affect your credit score adversely. If in case you cannot deposit the funds in your account or do not want your account to be auto-debited, we request you to kindly repay your EMI online using the Ring App, at least 3 working days before your due date. Advance payment made online, 3 working days before due date, will enable our team to stop the auto-debit for that particular month.
Can I extend the tenure of my loan after the loan is approved?
You cannot extend the tenure after a loan has been approved.
What happens if I skip one monthly instalment/EMI? Can I pay it all at once in the next month?
We strongly advise against skipping the payment of your monthly instalment/EMI. Defaulting on an instalment will dip your credit score and you will be charged with a late penalty charge for defaulting on your dues.
Once I pay all my monthly instalments/EMI, how do I get a confirmation on loan closure?
Once you have paid all your EMIs and outstanding dues, we will send you a No Objection Certificate (NOC). The NOC will be sent to your registered email id after 72 hours (3 days) of closing your loan account.
My EMI payment failed but it got debited from my account? What shall I do now?

No worries! In case of failed payments due to technical failures at your bank’s end, such amounts are automatically refunded by the bank to your account mostly immediately or within 3-7 working days.

In case your bank doesn't automatically refund the failed transaction amount to you, then you need to initiate a chargeback request with your bank so that bank can check the status of payment and reverse it back to your account.

I have made payment twice for a single transaction. What do I do?

No worries! If one of the double payment transactions made by you is a failed transaction, then your bank will automatically refund the same to you within 7-10 working days.

If both the payment transactions are successful, then the extra payment gets automatically credited to your next upcoming EMI.

If in case there is no upcoming EMI, then the extra amount will be eligible for refund. Auto refund will be done in such cases within 24-48 hours. If you don’t get refund with 24-48 hours, request you to kindly write to us at care@paywithring.com to inform us about the double payment made by you and place a request for a refund of extra payment amount.

Loan Application Status

How do I check the status of my loan application?
The status of your Loan Application is displayed to you on the Ring App Home Page.
What is the process for loan approval?
  • Download and log in to the Ring app.
  • Fill in basic information.
  • Complete Digital KYC.
  • Based on eligibility, you will be able to view eligible loan offers with full loan details and pricing.
  • Add your bank details for disbursement.
  • Register for E-NACH (required only for higher loan amounts).
  • Complete income verification online (required only for higher loan amounts).
  • Based on eligibility, once your loan is approved online, you will be able to get disbursal of the loan into your bank account.
Are there any hidden charges that I should be aware of?
No, there are no unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden charges at Ring. Our pricing is absolutely transparent.
What are the various reasons by which a loan application can get rejected?
We have multiple Financing Partners and we do our best to ensure that you get a loan approved from one of our Financing Partners. The loan approval/rejection is solely at the discretion of our Financing Partners. Thus, if your profile doesn't meet the credit eligibility criteria set by our Financing Partners, then your application may get rejected.
What can I do if my loan application is cancelled/rejected due to non-eligibility?
Kindly re-apply after 3 months to see if you have become eligible, as our system keeps updating your eligibility status every 3 months.
How do I check the details of my existing loan?

You can login to the Ring app Download Here and check your existing loan details under "LOANS" section. It will enable you to check all loan related details like EMI amount, EMI date, total outstanding amount, payment link for online payment and much more.

How do I change my personal details such as my address/mobile number/ bank account number? Do I need to send any proof?

For any changes in contact information or personal details, please write to us at care@kissht.com.

Loan Pre-Payment / Foreclosure

Can I pre-pay all my monthly instalments/EMI?
Yes, you can pre-pay all your monthly instalments/EMI online using the Ring App.
Can I foreclose my loan?

Yes, if your loan is 100% financed by our NBFC “SiCreva Capital Services Pvt. Ltd.’, then you can foreclose your loan anytime during the tenure of the loan. To avail foreclosure, you can email our customer service desk at care@paywithring.com so that we can generate a foreclosure link and share the same with you.

For loans financed by other lending partners, the foreclosure option may or may not be available depending on respective lender’s policies. We still urge you to email our customer service desk at care@paywithring.com so that we can connect and check with the lending partner on availability of foreclosure option for your loan account and get back to you on same.

Are there any charges for foreclosing my loan?
If the loan is closed within cooling off period, then no foreclosure charges will be levied. If the loan is closed after cooling off period, then the borrower shall be levied foreclosure charges as per the foreclosure charges levied by the loan financier. If your loan is financed by our NBFC “SiCreva Capital Services Private Limited.” then foreclosure charges are upto 2% + GST on the amount foreclosed will be levied.
What are the steps to foreclose my loan?

The loan foreclosure option is available on the Ring application. Please follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring App and navigate to the 'Loan Details' section for your specific loan account.
  • Click the "Foreclose Now" button to proceed with the foreclosure of your loan.

On the foreclosure page, you will see the complete details of the foreclosure amount and have the option to pay it online.

How to foreclose my loan if it is financed by other financing partners of Ring?

For foreclosing your loan which is financed by our other financing partners, you can simply call the customer service desk of the respective financer and request for the same. If the foreclosure option is available for your loan account, then the lender will provide you with a foreclosure payment link or NEFT details so that you can pay the foreclosure amount using the same.

If in case you do not have the customer care details of your respective financer, or if you are unable to get in touch with them, we can co-ordinate and help you get the necessary details from them. Just write to us at care@paywithring.com.

Loan Cancellation

Can I cancel my loan transaction when it is yet to get approved? If yes, how?

Should you ever feel the need to cancel your loan application which is in processing with us and is not yet approved, you can just write to us at care@paywithring.com and our team will take care of the same.

Can I cancel my loan transaction after it is approved and disbursed? If yes, how?
Yes, if you have availed disbursement of the loan and are not satisfied with the loan terms & conditions for some reason, and wish to return the loan amount and close the loan account, you can do so within the “Colling off period” of 3 days from the date of disbursement, as mentioned in the loan agreement.
What is Cooling off period?
"Cooling off period" means a period of time from the date of disbursement of loan/credit, within which the borrower can choose to close the loan by returning the disbursement amount along with the applicable Annual Percentage rate (APR) for the number of days taken to repay. The cooling-off window is determined to be within 3 days from the date of disbursement. Cooling Off period is made available for customers who take disbursement of loan and immediately choose to return the loan due to non-suitability of loan amount, tenure, interest applicable or similar reasons.
How can I avail Cooling-off period?

You can mail us at care@paywithring.com or call our customer service desk to inform us about your request to return the loan amount and for closing of your account. You can also use WhatsApp Livechat to reach us at 022 41434380. If you wish to close loan within the ‘cooling off period’, your request for same should be received by us within the “Colling off period” of 3 days from the date of disbursement, as mentioned in the loan agreement.

Penal Charges

What are the charges for EMI Auto-Debit Bounce?
No charges are levied as EMI Auto-Debit Bounce.
What are the charges for late payment of EMI?

The late payment charges are as follows:

  • Bounce Charges (One-time fee) of upto Rs. 500 + applicable taxes per EMI per instance of default and the same is payable apart from payment of applicable Daily Penal charges
  • Daily Penal Charges for continuing default in repayment of EMI are upto 0.2% + applicable taxes of the overdue principal amount

Important Note:

Bounce Charges & Daily Penal Charges will be applied if the EMI repayment is done after the scheduled due date or if otherwise applicable as per the terms of the Financing Document (collectively referred to as “Overdue Penalty Charges”).

Note: The charges mentioned here are effective for loans sanctioned w.e.f. 01-04-2024.

Collection Reminders

What if I fail to make payment of my outstanding loan amount? How will you contact me for payment reminders?

We always want our customers to pay on time as delay in payment can impact your credit score and make you ineligible for future loans. We help you make payment on time by delivering payment reminders as follows:

  • You will be sent automated payment reminders when you approach our due date. These reminders are aimed at helping you pay on time.
  • If in case you miss making payment on due date, you will be called by our contact center team for payment reminders and to help you with making online payments.
  • For cases where customer is not reachable or his/her account remains unpaid for long time, then a dedicated field team may choose to visit the customer’s address for delivering the payment reminder message.

Kindly note that we always call only on your registered mobile number and visits (if any) happen only on the address as shared by you during the loan application process. All payment reminder calls & visits happen strictly between 8 am to 7 pm on all days. We also ensure to send an SMS intimation before field visit.

You will be receiving automated email & SMS before your EMI date on your registered email id & mobile number. Being said that, due to technical or network issues, if any EMI reminder is not delivered to you, then you need to ensure that you still repay your EMI on time, as the EMI schedule and details are already shared with you at the time of loan approval by way or Sanction Letter & Agreement. Non-receipt of EMI reminders cannot be cited as a reason for late payment/non-payment of EMI’s.

Are my family members responsible to make payment on my behalf if I fail to make payment?
No, only you will be responsible for make loan repayment and we always follow-up with our customer only for loan repayment. We never ask family members/friends to make payments on behalf of customer.
Do your collections agents communicate over Personal WhatsApp or Personal Mobile Numbers calls with customers?

No, this is strictly not acceptable and we do not share your mobile numbers to any of our collection agents. The agents can only call you from the system and all these calls will be on recorded lines for future reference and quality check purpose. We also request you to not share your mobile numbers with any collection agent for personal contact.

Kindly note that:

  • We do not contact customers for payment collection reminders from personal mobile numbers, foreign numbers or Internet Based VOIP calls.
  • We never ask customers to make payments into personal or private bank accounts. Payments are only collected on our Ring website or the Ring app.
  • All our calls are monitored and recorded.
  • Our agents never use threats or abusive language.
  • We never ask for commission or cutbacks from customer on payments of dues.

If you notice any such practices, kindly report the same with complete details to us at care@paywithring.com

Other General Queries

Can customers obtain Fair Practices Code, Loan Agreement, Sanction Letter and other loan-related documents in vernacular language?

Yes. To obtain a copy of Fair Practices Code, Loan Agreement, Sanction Letter and other loan-related documents in vernacular language, you can place a request for same with our customer services team at info@sicrevacapital.com.

How to change the bank details on my ECS mandate?

For any changes in ECS Mandate, write to us at care@paywithring.com and provide the following details:

  • Photo of Cheque of your new bank account (bank account should be in your own name)


  • Photo of Passbook First Page of your new bank account


  • Copy of latest month Bank Statement of your new bank account

Once we receive the above details from your, our team will create a new auto-debit (NACH) registration link for your account and share the same with you so that you can complete the new bank account’s auto-debit (NACH) registration online.

How do I file a complaint with Ring?

You can directly connect with our customer service desk for filing complaints. To make it easier for our customers to file complaint without waiting in IVR queues, we have built a dedicated a self-help page for our esteemed customer, were you can Access all FAQ’s, Read recent Announcements, File Complaints, & Track Status of your Complaints online (without the need to speak to any agent). To file a complaint and track its status online use the following link:


What if I am not satisfied with the response provided by the Customer Service Desk?

Though we doubt that your queries wouldn't be resolved by our dedicated customer service desk, you could always ask for a call back from the Customer Service Manager and within 1 hour to a maximum of 48 hours, our Customer Service Manager shall personally call you back with a final resolution on your query/problem. Kindly refer to our ‘Customer Grievance Redressal Mechanism’ to know more. Click here

Who are the financing partners of Ring?

Ring has partnered with multiple RBI regulated entities to provide lending services to its customers. The list of our financing partners can be viewed here Click here

Credit Score

Do you access my Credit Score?
Yes, our Financing Partners are registered NBFC’s and Banks and they access your Credit Score as part of the credit profile verification and underwriting process. Your credit score determines your loan eligibility and the loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure that will be available for you.
What are the different Credit Bureaus that you report my loan data to?
In India, there are 4 well known Credit Information Companies that track the Credit Score of an individual. These are Transunion CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and CRIF Highmark. These entities are regulated by law and have all an individual's loan and repayment information, be it a credit card use, a bank loan, or a telecom postpaid connection. We submit your loan related update to all of these 4 credit bureaus as part of our standard operating procedure.
By what name will my Ring loan appear in my Credit Report?

The loans you have availed can be reported to the Credit Bureaus only by the respective NBFC that has financed your loan; hence, the name of the respective NBFC will reflect on your credit report. If you have availed a loan that is 100% financed by us, the loan will appear in your credit report under the name "Si Creva Capital Services Private Limited." If you have availed a loan that is financed jointly by ‘Si Creva Capital Services Pvt. Ltd.’ and one of its lending partners, your loan amount will be reported in your credit report by both lenders according to the respective share of the loan amount each lending partner provided. The list of our lending partners can be viewed here Click here. You are also informed about the name of the financing NBFC/Bank at the time of the loan application in the Ring App, and this information is also provided to you via the Sanction Letter & Agreement sent to you at the time of the loan application.

How can I possibly enhance my Loan/Credit Limit?
To begin with, every customer has a maximum loan amount up to which he/she can avail of loans on Ring. There is a good chance of this amount increasing, when you availing more loans and make timely repayments. However, this also depends on other factors like your monthly income, credit score, repayment history with other lenders and a host of other information that we get from you when you create your profile. While making timely repayments increases the probability of enhancing your loan/credit limit amount, it does not guarantee the same.
How is my Credit Score connected to the loan that I avail on Ring?
Once you apply for a loan from Ring App and repay it back on time, your credit report reflects the same. This helps you avail a bigger loan at a later stage from us (subject to eligibility) or from other banks or other financial institutions and also you may also get it at a lower interest rate. However, if you don’t repay the loan on time or default, your credit score may be negatively impacted. And, it becomes nearly impossible to avail a loan from any other bank due to your poor repayment history. Even if a loan is approved, the interest rate that will be charged will be considerably higher.
What is the typical processing time for updating a customer's loan payment/closure status with the credit bureau?
We submit data to all credit bureaus once every month and the Credit bureaus take around 45-60 days to update the same in your credit report. Please download your latest credit report from the official websites of the Credit Bureaus only after 45-60 days after loan closure, to view updated details. Free credit reports available on 3rd party websites usually reflect old data and they may take around 2-3 months to reflect latest changes.
The loan account related details shown in my Credit Report with respect to the loan availed from the Ring App are incorrect/not updated even after 45-60 days of repaying my loan. What do I do to correct this?

Our financing partners always try their best to ensure that all your loan details are timely and accurately reported to Credit Bureaus. If in case you find any errors/incomplete information, we shall definitely help rectify it for you once the same is reported by you to our customer service desk. To report such errors, if any, kindly share the latest PDF copy of your credit report with us at care@paywithring.com and mention your issue in detail.

Privacy & Security

Can members of my family or my friends call Ring and get information on my existing loans?
We value the privacy and security of your financial transactions. As a result, account related information is only provided to the customer and not to any family member, friends or 3rd party.
Is it Safe to link my bank account for Income Verification on the Ring App?

As part of basic documentation for loan approval, some customers who apply for higher loan amounts are required to provide bank statement as income proof. Being said that, we do not require you to submit Bank Statement in PDF copy or Hard Copies for Income Verification. We enable secure linking of your bank account to the Ring App for instant access to the last 6 months' bank statements. This is a One-time access with no disclosure of other banking data and is secured by authorized Bank Account Aggregator https://sahamati.org.in/, that is recognized by many banks in India.

For the convenience of our beloved customers, we provide the facility to instantly link your bank account to your loan application so that you need not upload any bank statements separately. Just by linking your bank account, we will be able to fetch your bank statement for last 6 months instantly. Kindly note that we only get one-time access to your latest bank statement and no other banking data is revealed to us. The access is logged out immediately after the linking of statement is completed. This service is completely secured by authorized Bank Account Aggregator https://sahamati.org.in/, which is recognized & authorized by many banks in India to provide this service.

Where can I read the Privacy Policy or Report concerns related to Privacy?

To read our Privacy Policy, Click here

For any privacy related concerns, kindly write to us at privacy@paywithring.com

How can I delete my data from Ring?

If you wish to delete your data, we suggest that you kindly follow the steps below:

  • Open the Ring application on your device.
  • Navigate to "My Profile."
  • Select "Privacy and Security."
  • Click on "Manage My Data."
  • Choose "Request for Data Deletion."
  • Confirm your decision by clicking "Yes" when prompted.

Once you have confirmed your decision, your data will be deleted from the application, and you should receive an auto-email confirming the same within the next 48 hours.

Please note that as part of the above deletion, all your digital footprints related to non-KYC and non-transactional data will be deleted by us. However, KYC data and transactional data (if any) are required to be stored as per the guidelines of various regulatory bodies. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information. NBFCs also need to comply with regulations that require them to maintain this data for at least ten years after the business relationship has ended.

Fraud Safeguard

How to report Fraud cases?

Report any fraud cases to our customer service team so that they can act on it on priority. Email to us at care@paywithring.com with complete details and related screenshots of any suspected fraud activity.

How to identify & avoid potential Loan Frauds?

If you receive SMS/WhatsApp messages/Call from any personal mobile numbers that request you to do any of the following:

  • Submit your KYC documents & pay upfront Processing fees for loan approval
  • Get loan settlement by making partial repayment of loan amount through some 3rd party payment link OR Personal UPI ID OR Personal bank account number

    • Immediately report such cases to care@paywithring.com OR call our customer care number on 022 41434302 / 020 68135496 and share with us a screenshot/recording of such message/communication.
    • Block such numbers and do not communicate or share any information with them over Call/SMS/WhatsApp/Email.
We necessary measures do we take to keep you and your information protected?
  • We use the best Intelligence and fraud prevention technology to identify suspicious transactions in real-time.
  • Our customer services team works 365 days a year to address customers queries and grievances and give them quick redressal.
  • Our security team monitors, analyses and detects any abnormal activity, indicating a potential breach, security incident or malicious attempts to the system.
  • A One Time Password (OTP) is sent to your Registered Mobile Number
  • Your credentials are hashed and protected with industry-standard encryption to maintain secrecy.
  • End to End encryption is implemented to keep your data confidential. The data on the platform is encrypted at rest and encrypted in transit. We have implemented industry-standard encryption practices and ensure that data is secured using 2048-bit encryption
  • We follow the security-by-design approach to provide you with secure access and a protected platform to perform financial transactions
  • Strong authentication & authorization controls are implemented on our digital lending application for your secure access.
How can Fraud take place?
The objective of such fraudsters/scammers is to slowly take you into confidence and get you to compromise your personal data as well as to take unauthorised payment from you by disguising us company employees. Once the data is compromised OR once payment is made to them, these fraudsters/scammers will immediately disappear and will not respond back to you.
How to Protect yourself?

As we strive to provide an experience that is both secure and convenient, we also urge you to be responsible and alert. Sometimes scammers can ask you to take some deliberate actions that may lead you to lose money to them. That is why it is important for you to know about the dos and don'ts if you happen to be in such a situation.

  • Scammers may pose as customer support or use emails, text messages, WhatsApp messages, phone calls, and web pages to pretend to be the company (digital lending app/NBFC/Bank), family members, or colleagues.
  • We will never ask you to download an app or software for payment support. If you’re asked to download an app or software for payment support, it’s a scam that could be used to drain your accounts.
  • Do not install any app on the advice of strangers.
  • Do not share Card PIN, CVV, OTP, or Internet banking password with anyone via unsolicited call, SMS or Emails received.
  • Never share sensitive personal details on social networking sites.
  • Never make payment on 3rd party payment link OR Personal UPI ID OR Personal bank account number. Always repay loan using Ring App or using the payment link received over SMS from company’s registered sender ID named “PWRING”.
  • Never transfer funds without confirming a person’s identity.
  • Never use screen-sharing apps when you make a transaction.
  • Never do it under pressure with someone on the phone line.
  • Do not click on links embedded in SMS/emails/social networking sites claiming to be from the bank or representing the bank.
  • Use common sense and trust your instincts – if something looks too good to be true
  • Keep your personal details secret. Never write down or disclose your account details, and passwords with anyone. Keep your credit card and ATM cards safe
  • Do not connect to open/public Wi-Fi for conducting Banking transactions.
  • Ensure your personal documents are always secure. Do not hand-over the copies or original documents containing your personal data like your DOB, PAN number, financials, address proofs, etc to an unknown person. Always ask for identification.
  • Check your bank account statements regularly. If you notice any transactions, you don't remember making on your account, report the discrepancy to the customer service department immediately.
  • Do not respond to the offers or deals unless you seek clarification from your bank customer service and you are absolutely convinced that it is in your best interest.”
  • Do change your ATM / Debit card PIN at a regular interval to prevent fraudulent transactions.
  • Scan your computer for Spyware regularly
  • Report a Suspicious E-mail
  • Fraudsters generally send e-mails to customers of various banks asking them to update confidential account information like their debit/credit card numbers, internet banking User ID & Passwords, etc. by clicking on an e-mail link or by visiting a website. Please note: We do not seek such information from our customers in any such form. Hence please do not part with this information. If you receive any such suspicious emails, please report to us
Best Practices for Mobile Security

Smart Phone and app-based services are now being used increasingly to conduct banking transactions through your mobile devices. While this is extremely convenient, you need to follow the best practices mentioned below in the use of mobile phones while doing financial transactions.

Best Practices for Safe Usage of Mobile Phones:

  • Strong passwords/biometric permission should be enabled on your phone.
  • Keep your SIM card locked with a PIN to avoid misuse. In case of loss or theft of the mobile device; contact your service provider to block the SIM card immediately.
  • Your bank account number or PIN should never be stored on the mobile phone.
  • Get an anti-virus software installed on your mobile and keep it updated.
  • Regularly monitor the permissions of critical apps installed in your mobile phones and keep a track of unnecessary and unused apps.
  • Never use Loan/Payment/Credit/Banking apps on jailbroken or rooted devices.
  • Avoid connecting phones to public wireless networks.
  • Report the loss of your mobile phone to us so that we can deactivate your account with immediate effect.

Important Notice!

Your security is paramount to us. Protect yourself from financial fraud. Read More