Terms and Privacy Policy

By continuing, I agree to "Si Creva Capital Services Private Limited" Privacy policy and Terms & Conditions

Whatsapp Consent

I/We override my NDNC registration and hereby give my/our consent to receive various offers or promotional schemes from time to time by phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, electronic e-mails, IVR or through any other modes of communication

Consent for PAN

I confirm the above PAN belongs to me. I authorize Si Creva Capital Services Private Limited and its associate lending partners to make any inquiry(ies) with NSDL

CKYC Consent

I/We hereby provide my/our consent and authorize the lender / associated lending partners of PaywithRing/Kissht applications to access my/our KYC records/information from the Central KYC Registry (CKYCR), run credit checks on my behalf, obtain a credit report, and share the report with other lending partners for the purpose of performing customer due diligence in relation to the loan application. I/We further declare that the records/information on the Central KYC Registry are updated and have not been subjected to any changes as of the date of this loan application.

Bureau Consent

I/We hereby agree and give consent to Si Creva Capital Services Private Limited (the 'Lender') and its associate lending partners to check my credit bureau information and use it for the purpose of evaluating my creditworthiness in relation to the loan application submitted to the Lender or its lending partners. I understand that the Lender may also report necessary information to credit bureaus as and when required.

HHI Consent

I hereby certify that my yearly household income, encompassing the combined earnings of my family unit, including my spouse and unmarried children, exceeds ₹ 3,00,000/- (Rupees Three Lakhs Only).