Effective 2023

Suryoday SFB Bank Schedule of ChargesSavings Ring App
AMB Maintenance ConditionAMB Maintenance Condition
Average Monthly Balance ("AMB") requirementNIL
Fixed Deposit in lieu of AMBNA
Charges for non-maintenance of AMBNA
Minimum Initial payment amountNIL
Account StatementAccount Statement
Physical statement (Half yearly)Free
Duplicate / Adhoc statement at home branch or linked branch (As applicable)₹ 100 per instance
Cheque BookCheque Book
Personalised 20 cheque leaves per quarterFree
Additional cheques over & above free limit per quarter₹ 2 per cheque leaf
Debit-cum-ATM CardDebit-cum-ATM Card
Default Card typeRuPay Classic Virtual Debit Card
Issuance charge (Beginning of 1st Year)NIL
Annual charges (2nd year onwards)NIL
Reissue in case of loss or damage / instanceNIL
Add-on Debit CardNIL
Decline charges for balance insufficientNIL
Debit Card limit on ATM - Per dayNA
Debit Card limit on POS - Per dayNA
Debit-ATM Transaction ChargesDebit-ATM Transaction Charges
Other Bank ATM free limit at other location - per monthNA
Charges beyond free limit – Financial transactionNA
Charges beyond free limit – Non- financial transactionNA
Financial TransactionFinancial Transaction
Cash deposit Limit at Branch - Free value OR instance per month₹ 1 Lakh or 5 transactions, whichever is earlier
Cash deposit at Branch - Charges beyond free Limit₹ 4 / 1000 & part thereof (Min: ₹50)
Third party cash deposit charges - Home and Non-homeNIL
Cash withdrawal limit at BranchUnlimited
Payment ServicesPayment Services
Free Transactions on Outward IMPS / RTGS 5 free via Net Banking/Mobile Banking (fungible between RTGS and IMPS). Chargeable at branch
Free Transactions on Outward NEFTUnlimited free via Net Banking/Mobile Banking. Chargeable at branch.
Free transactions on outward UPI Unlimited
RTGS Payment (Outward) ₹ 200,000 to ₹ 500,000 per transaction₹ 5
RTGS Payment (Outward) Above ₹ 500,000 per transaction₹ 10
NEFT Payment (Outward) Upto ₹ 10,000 per transaction₹ 2
NEFT Payment (Outward) ₹ 10,001 to ₹ 100,000 per transaction₹ 4
NEFT Payment (Outward) ₹ 100,001 to ₹ 200,000 per transaction₹ 8
NEFT Payment (Outward) Above ₹ 200,000 per transaction₹ 8
IMPS Payment (Outward) Upto ₹ 100,000 per transaction₹ 5
IMPS Payment (Outward) Above ₹ 100,000 to ₹ 500,000 per transaction₹ 10
UPI payment (Outward)Free
Demand Draft ("DD") issuance charges - Upto ₹ 2000₹ 20
Demand Draft (DD) issuance charges - ₹ 2001 to ₹ 10,000₹ 50
Demand Draft (DD) issuance charges - Above ₹ 10,000 (Min ₹ 60 & Max ₹ 1500)₹ 2 per 1000
Miscellaneous ServicesMiscellaneous Services
Standing Instruction Charges involving SSFB Bank AccountsFree
Account ClosureNIL
Dormancy activationNIL
SMS Alert Charges / QuarterNIL
Cheque Stop Payment per Instrument Branch: ₹ 50 Net & Mobile Banking: Free
Cheque Stop Payment per Series Branch: ₹ 200 Net & Mobile Banking: Free
Cheque return charges - Inward (Only for financial reasons)₹ 200 per instrument
Cheque return charges - Outward (Only for financial reasons)₹ 50 per instrument
ECS Return Charges₹ 200 per instrument
DD - Duplicate Issuance per instrument₹ 100
DD - Cancellation / Revalidation cahrges per instrument₹ 100
Record Retrieval charges (Cheque/ Instruction/ Charge Slip)₹ 100
Signature, Address and Photo attestation₹ 100
Duplicate Interest & Balance Certificate Issuance Charge₹ 100
Duplicate TDS Certificate Issuance Charge₹ 100
Doorstep Banking FacilityPlease contact your branch
Monthly doorstep Charges - Basis availability (Services of Business Correspondent as per limits)₹ 50 per month
Important Instructions:
  • The Savings Bank Account is essentially an account to build up savings and should be used to route transactions of only non-business/ non-commercial nature. It should not be used as a Current Account. If the Bank at any stage finds that the Savings Bank Account is being used either for the purpose for which it is not allowed or for the purpose of routing transactions which are suspicious or not commensurate with the line of business or activity or occupation of the account holder, the Bank reserves the right to inquire in to such transactions, report to the regulatory authorities as required under the law and also close such Savings Bank account.
  • Dormant Account:- If there are no customer-induced transactions in the account for a period of two years, the account will be treated as an dormant account. The service charges levied by the Bank and/or interest credited by the Bank would not be considered as customer induced transactions. The customer should thus transact in the account periodically, so that it does not become dormant.
  • Satisfactory conduct of the account entails maintaining stipulated minimum average balance as well as sufficient balance to honour cheques issued to third parties. If there are high incidences to the contrary, the Bank reserves the right to close the account under intimation to the customer.
  • In respect of Anywhere Banking facility and At Par Cheque facility service charges shall be levied as stipulated for these facilities.
  • Any change of address should be immediately communicated in writing to the Bank.
  • Opening of the Savings Account shall be construed as to the deemed acknowledgement and acceptance of the rules & regulations, terms & conditions, service charges etc., in relation to the Savings account product
  • Fees and charges are subject to change at the sole discretion of the bank. All the amounts should/will be in INR
  • Above mentioned charges are exclusive of GST and will be levied additionally as applicable from time to time. All the amounts should/will be in INR. The Bank shall be governed by the above rates and the subsequent changes in the said rates by the Government from time to time.
  • Doorstep Banking facility is depending on availability, if available, is provided within municipal city limits.
  • Waiver of or non-levying of AMB maintenance charges shall be applicable only if the FD of required amount or above is maintained and the primary holder of the account and FD is the same.
  • Facilities mentioned above are as per availability from time to time and location to location
  • In case of various charges like non-maintenance, cheque return, Debit Card fees etc, the charge shall be levied & recovered by the Bank on periodic intervals on monthly, quarterly, annual basis as applicable.
  • In case of insufficient funds in the account, for recovery of charges, Suryoday SFB reserves the right to force debit or make repeated attempt(s) to recover charges due.
  • Minimum Average maintenance on an account type shall not be applicable for the calendar month in which the account is opened.
  • Duplicate / Adhoc Account Statement shall be provided at the request of the customer, free of charge, on the registered email id (as per Bank’s records). Printed / physical copy of Account Statement is charged.