MERCHANT Referral Program

What is Refer and Win?

You can win rewards up to 5000 per month by referring your merchant friends to the RING merchant app. A referral is considered completed and successful when your friend onboards on the app successfully and also onboards a user through his yellow QR.


  • Merchant should be a first time user on the RING merchant app.
  • Merchant should not be a user on the RING user app.
  • Existing registered users or merchants even after uninstalling and reinstalling from a link will not be considered as referral.

Steps to Refer and Win:

  • Share the invite link to download the ring merchant app OR Ask your merchant friend to download the app and enter your referral code
  • Ask your merchant friend to register using his mobile number and link his bank account.
  • Our representative will visit your friends shop and get him onboarded to the merchant app
  • After a successful onboarding of your merchant friend, a partial referral reward of Rs.100 will be credited to your merchant app.
  • The remaining reward of Rs.100 will be credited after a successful onboarding of a user by merchant friend, through the yellow QR.

Terms & Conditions

  • There is no limit on the number of people with whom you can share your referral link.
  • You can win referral rewards for a maximum of 100 referrals in a month.
  • You and your friend will be eligible for referral reward only if all of the conditions are met:

    • Your friend should have clicked on the shared invite link OR applied your referral code before linking their bank account.
    • Your friend should complete at least 1 Eligible user onboarding, within 7 days after clicking on your referral link.
  • Eligible Signups: An eligible signup is defined as a new user who has signed up using merchant's credit QR and meets the following requirements:

    • The new user has provided accurate and complete information during the signup process.
    • The new user has agreed to the terms and conditions and has accepted the credit limit assigned.
    • The new user is not an existing user or an employee.
  • The cashback reward will be credited to the merchant's RING for Business bank account within 24 hours of the eligible transaction.
  • Disqualification: RING reserves the right to disqualify any merchant who violates the terms and conditions or engages in fraudulent activities to claim the reward.
  • Modifications: RING may modify, suspend, or terminate the offer or change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to merchants.

Prohibited Activities:

  • Using spam or unsolicited emails to promote the program.
  • Creating fake or fraudulent signups.