Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ring Flexi Pass?

The Ring Flexi Pass package gives you:

  • Ring prepaid card: You can use your prepaid card to make payments from your Ring Flexi Pass for all online transactions just like any other card.
  • Scan & Pay: Scan any QR code and use the balance in your Ring Flexi Pass to complete the payment. This feature is currently under development.
  • SBM Bank Savings Account: This is a zero balance savings account which can be used for all your banking needs as per offerings by the bank.

Are there any charges for availing a Ring Flexi Pass?

Ring Flexi Pass is completely free. There are no charges for opening a Ring Flexi Pass.

How can I utilize my Ring Flexi Pass?

You can use your Ring Flexi Pass for all your online transactions using the Ring prepaid card. We are also working towards making the Ring Flexi Pass available through UPI.

How can I recharge my Ring Flexi Pass?

If you are eligible, you can recharge your Ring Flexi Pass through Ring Insta loan.

How do I use my SBM Bank Savings Account?

You can access your SMB Bank Savings Account through net banking. Detailed instructions on how to do so have been sent to your registered email id.

Where can I find my SBM account details?

The details of your account have been sent to your Ring registered mail id. You can also check your savings account balance from the Ring Flexi Pass page.

Why do I need a SBM Bank Savings Account?

SBM Bank Savings bank account is required to avail your Insta Loan and recharge your Ring Flexi Pass.

Can I open my savings account with any other bank?

No. At the moment, savings account can only be opened with SBM Bank.

How do I add money to my Ring Flexi Pass?

You can add money to your Ring Flexi Pass by accepting Insta Loan into your SBM Bank Savings Account and then transferring the same to your Ring Flexi Pass.

Can I use my Ring limit?

Once you avail Insta Loan, your Ring limit is frozen for the loan period. You can continue to use your Ring limit after repayment of the existing loan.

Whom do I contact if I have any queries?

In case of any queries, please reach out to us on the following.

Tel no: 022 41434302 / 020 68135496
Whatsapp: 022 4143 4380
Email id: